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Beer with Us: The Best French Beers to Try

Artisanal beers aren’t the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about French alcohol. Perhaps, it’s time to change the perception.

While French wine has taken all the plaudits through the years for its excellence, achieving a revered status over the world, French beer hasn’t got the eyeballs it has deserved. 

Throughout France and more so in Paris, a renaissance of craft brewing began around the start of the last decade. But the history of French beers runs deep. There’s plenty of amazing French beers to choose from, why not start with the names on this list and put the best foot forward when it comes to tasting quality French beers. 

Desperados Original

desperados original

The Original Desperados, Source Facebook

Now, when we talk about Desperados, don’t confuse it with all the excellent flavors the brewery has crafted over the years. When we talk about Desperados, it is all about the original beer! Desperados was born out of wild experimentation. How wild? Desperados dared to brew the world’s first tequila flavored beer. The original has a distinctive combination of full-bodied lager that has the boost of a tequila’s flavor. The clear and golden color is the beginning of the brilliance. Pair it with the subtle taste of malt and catchy tequila aromas married with the pleasant finish make Desperados a French beer you do not want to miss. 

La Parisienne Brune

la parisienne brune

La Parisienne's coffee and chocolate notes beer

An authentic and independent brewery that brews all their beers in Pantin, La Parisienne, is Paris through and through. Jean Chancel founded La Parisienne in 2014 on the back of his travels to the United States where he watched the craft beer revolution grow in front of his eyes. He vowed to bring craft beer back to Paris and with La Parisienne, he has managed to do it big time. 

In the La Parisienne beer range stands the La Parisienne Brune. Brewed at 5.5% ABV, the Brune is the beer you should turn to for discovering the pleasures of a Scotch Ale. La Parisienne Brune has roasted notes of coffee beans and chocolate. The full-bodied, mellow and rounded beer is rich with a bitterness that balances it out perfectly. One of the many beautifully brewed beers in the La Parisienne range

Barge du Canal

barge du canal

Paname Brewing Company’s Beers, Source Facebook

Michael Kennedy, Tom St John, Brian Siep and Greg Smith decided to bring to Paris and over time, to France a brewery that made delicious craft beer. The collaboration was named Paname Brewing Company which is located in the 19th district of Paris. Since the brewery’s inception in 2015, the team has crafted 26 quality beers. At the top of the list stands the Barge du Canal. The Barge du Canal is a crisp and powerful amber IPA with notes of fruits like grapefruit and lychee along with notes of cereals. Brewed at 6% ABV, the Barge du Canal has a pronounced bitterness to it. 

3 Monts Bière de Flandre

3 monts brewery

3 Monts Beers, Source Facebook

The French Flanders in Saint-Sylvestre Cappel has been home to an iconic French brewery for over a century now. The 3 Monts brewery, an independent establishment, started crafting beer in 1920. The family-owned distillery is very proud of French culture and heritage, and at its heart always had an aspiration to promote French culture. The brewery’s beer ensemble is divided into three categories of heritage, tradition, and seasonal brews. All the beers present something unique to the drinker and in a tough choice to single out one of 3 Monts beers, the 3 Monts Bière de Flandre stood slightly above the rest. 

A refreshing ale with a strong character, the 3 Monts Bière de Flandre has a malty, yeasty aroma on the nose. The pleasantly hoppy beer is rich in fragrance, is well balanced and has a thick foam. Overall, the 3 Monts Bière de Flandre is a very inviting representation of a fine French beer. 


bapbap originale

Bapbap Originale, Source Website

The 11th Arrondissement in Paris is filled with tons of places to visit, eat and drink. For beer aficionados, a primary attraction in the area would be the Bapbap Brewery. The brewery has been synonymous with quality through the years, crafting sumptuous treats regularly for all their faithfuls and other craft beer enthusiasts. Making their beers in the Oberkampf district of the 11th Arrondissement, Bapbap Brewery’s lineup boasts of some enviable suds. 

Headlining this list is the Originale, a high fermentation Pale Ale. A Parisian interpretation of round, spicy Belgian beers and American Pale Ales, the Bapbap Originale is the result of a blend of malty sweetness and refreshing notes of hops. Alongside the malt and hop notes, drinkers will also find notes of caramel and bread. Pair the dark golden colored beer with salted butter caramel pancakes or a fried chicken and cheddar burger. 

Jenlain Blonde

jenlain blonde

Jenlain Blonde, Source Facebook

A quaint village in Northern France is home to one of the country’s most renowned breweries, Jenlain. The independent family brewery has a host of amazing beers like their signature beer the Jenlain Ambrée or its little sister the Jenlain Blonde. The Jenlain Blonde exudes the quintessential character of the North of France in every sip. The beer's buttercup yellow color and foam are eye-catching. Earthy and rustic on the nose with notes of white flowers and yellow fruits, the aromas give way to a lively mouthfeel. Laden with spices and a slightly sweet finish, the Jenlain Blonde can be appreciated as an aperitif or with a meal. To enjoy it with food, pair it with a dish of mussels, pork and other white meat dishes. 

Château Rouge

chateau rouge

The Château Rouge from Brasserie de la Goutte d'Or

Another amazing craft brewery in Paris, this one in the 20th arrondissement, the Brasserie de la Goutte d'Or is named after their location, in the cosmopolitan Goutte d'Or district. Inspired by the idea of a culture transmitted by taste and flavor, the brewery’s beers are artisanal, hoppy, and spicy. The Château Rouge is full of vegetable aromas of red fruits and spices. The roundness of the beer comes from its Munich and caramel malts. These malts combined with flavors of nutmeg, pepper, gentian and three peppers complete the palate. A beer perfect to be paired with Japanese cuisine and mature cheeses. 

Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc

kronenbourg 1664

The Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc, Source Facebook

Finishing off the list with a popular French beer, one that has been around for over years. The first-ever batch of Kronenbourg was brewed in a single barrel by Jerome Hatt in his brewery that he set up in Strasbourg. While Kronenbourg lager beer was born in 1664, the brewery was set up in 1952. The Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc is enjoyed in over 70 countries today. The beer has subtle aromas and a beautiful haziness to it. A  French wheat beer, with delicate notes of citrus fruits and coriander spice on the mouth. The beer has a satisfying creamy mouthfeel and leaves a skirted lace at the finish.

Header Image- Desperados, Source Facebook

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